There are some things that I always go back to, especially when I’m down in the dumps and I need a little (or a massive) pick-me-up. I go back to these things when I need a little inspiration on what I should do this minute, to get back into that High Vibe state, where almost everything is exciting, adventurous (I didn’t say fun. It can also mean difficult.), and something that makes me fall in love with (yeah, even when Ganpatrai), all over again, every single day!

The BEST part? These are all totally FREE! (Unless you choose to buy something from one of their shops!)


  1. Alexandra Franzen’s writings.
  2. The Marie Forleo Podcast / MarieTV
  3. Colette Baron Reid’s Free Oracle Card Readings
  4. Alana Fairchild’s Free Oracle Card Readings
  5. The Last Seer Tarot’s Free Single Card Tarot Pick-a-card Reading
  6. Lewis Howes’ The School of Greatness Podcast
  7. The Tarot Priest’s Free Video Oracle and Tarot card Readings
  8. Nicole Cherie Hesse’s Real Unicorns Don’t Wear Pants Podcast.

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